Proper 12 Irish Whiskey

Proper No. Twelve’s Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey is an ultra-smooth blend of golden grain and single malt with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood for a rich complexity. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: Irish Maid

Ryan’s Cream Liqueur

Ryan’s Irish Cream is a luscious combination of fresh cream, rich chocolate, and natural vanilla added to the finest Imported Irish Whiskey. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: B52 Shot

Hell Cat Maggie Gift Set

Distilled in County Louth, Ireland, using the traditional single copper pot still method, it’s named after a feared street-fighter and member of the notorious Dead Rabbits gang that roamed the Five Points area of Manhattan in the 1840’s. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: Cloudy Apple

360 Double Chocolate Flavored Vodka

360 Double Chocolate takes everything there is to love about chocolate, and then doubles it. Rich. Smooth. Silky. Decadent. Indulge yourself in the ultimate grown-up sweet treat. The flavor of temptation from 360 – the world’s first eco-friendly vodka. Made from quadruple-distilled, five-times filtered vodka for the freshest flavor. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: 360 […]

Tarantula Strawberry Tequila

They take this amazing tequila and mix it with a strawberry liqueur so fresh and flavorful, you’ll think the bottle was picked straight from your local farmers market. The fine blue agave tequila is crafted with years of experience and tradition at Destileria Leyros. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: Strawberry Tequila Moonshine

Svedka Blue Raspberry Vodka

Hailing from Sweden, Svedka’s Blue Raspberry Vodka has aromas of bright raspberry followed by fresh citrus notes. There are rich raspberry flavors on the palate that highlight bright berry character with an energetic hard lemon twist! Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: Blue Bombsicle

Jack Daniel’s Legacy Edition 1905

Jack Daniels is known for being a well-crafted, smooth sippin’ Tennessee Whiskey. You don’t last for over 150 years if you’re not a quality product, after all. THey’ve become known for something else along the way too: the iconic black and white label. But what people may not know is that the history of the […]

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Eight Year-Old Wild Turkey Bourbon is refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals for deeper flavor and complexity. The aroma is a balanced blend of vanilla and spices. Flavors of caramel, pear, and hints of citrus round out the palate, while the subtle, smoky finish is buttery smooth-with notes of gentle pepper and toasted oak. […]

Jim Beam Repeal Batch

Celebrate the 85th anniversary of Prohibition’s Repeal, the heritage of the Beam family’s dedication to the bourbon industry, and the perseverance of James B. Beam himself with this limited time offering. This unique bottling is 86-proof and non-chill filtered for a fuller taste that hearkens back to the flavor of post-Prohibition whiskey and comes with […]

Ketel One with 2 Rock Glasses

Imported vodka made from wheat and distilled 3 times. Exceptionally smooth and crisp. Great for martinis, cocktails, and shots. Check on Availability. Drink Recipe: Moscato Frosted Fizz