Message to Our Customers

Idaho State Liquor Division

May 15, 2020

Dear Friends of the Idaho State Liquor Division:

I am grateful for your patience with us as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.   Governor Brad Little’s leadership during this unprecedented time has been exceptional and I’m proud of my Division associates and all Idahoans as we successfully completed Stage One of “Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity”.   Our collective efforts are working. As we move into Stage Two, my colleagues of your Idaho State Liquor Division are responsibly assessing conditions at a local level and adjusting operations and policies as necessary.

We are maintaining our normal, regular hours of operation for Division retail stores.   Some stores have been strategically closed due to staffing shortages caused by child-care issues, concern about elderly family members at home, illness affecting Division employees, or the lack of business resulting from closures of restaurants and bars. Most of those closed stores will be reopened very soon.

The Division distribution center remains open to serve as a critical component for response to the pandemic by receiving and assisting with the transfer of emergency supplies to where they’re needed.   Of course, the associates at the warehouse are also working to resupply all retail stores with regular product.

There have been no instances of COVID-19 at our stores or distribution center.

We are all responsible for taking steps to protect ourselves and each other.   This includes washing hands often, practicing social distancing by keeping six feet between you and others, staying home if you are sick, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces with sanitizing wipes and/or a sanitizing spray.

    The Idaho State Liquor Division has taken the following steps in all state-operated liquor stores:

  • Our associates are to stay home if they feel sick.   They may stay home if there are vulnerable people at their home or they need to care for their children.
  • We have limited the total number of customers in our stores at any given time to eight or less, depending on the size of the store floorplan.
  • Floor markers are installed in every store at six-foot distances to guide us all in adhering to safe social distancing.
  • We have added Plexiglas barriers to our checkout stands as a precautionary measure to protect you and our employees.
  • We are rigorously and regularly sanitizing high-touch, high-traffic areas with assigned team members to perform regular sanitizing sweeps.   We routinely clean our cashier and checkout areas, credit card terminals, doors, and counters.

We will continue to focus on keeping our associates and you healthy — and our stores open and stocked — to serve and support all the communities where we do business.

Stay well,

Jeffrey R. Anderson