Boozie Tequila Lime 4 Pk Cans (Local)

Sassy and slightly sweet, boozie Tequila Lime is a perfectly tart tequila.soda.magic. masterpiece south-of-the-border dreams are made of. 2oz of tequila from Mexico, sparkling glacier mountain water, all-natural lime juice, and a hint of monk fruit sweetener, combine to create a farm-to-can fresh flavor explosion. Magical monk fruit provides delicious, natural sweetness from fruit without added calories and sugar. With zero malt alcohols and artificial ingredients and only 140 calories and 1g of sugar per 12oz can, boozie Tequila Lime is the gluten-free, #goodcleanfun gift that keeps on giving.

$12.95Product Code: 57229 Size: 1420ML Proof: 13.2
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