Boozie Vodka Cranberry 4 Pack Cans (Local)

Boozie cranberry, the perfect balance of all-natural farm-to-can ingredients; 2oz. of premium Idaho® potato vodka, sparkling glacier mountain water a dash of cranberry juice with a hint of monk fruit. Our magical monk fruit provides delicious, natural, sweetness from fruit, without all the calories and sugar.Enjoy every sip of vodka soda magic knowing boozie's farm-to-can ingredients are gluten free and low calorie. With only 2g of sugar and 140 calories in each cute and convenient 12oz. can. Say buh bye to beverages made with fermented sugar, malt, wheat, sugar alcohols and artificial ingredients, and hello to some good clean fun.

$10.95Product Code: 57211 Size: 1420ML Proof: 13.2
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