Boozie Tequila Grapefruit 4 Pk Cans (Local)

It's clean, it's citrusy, and it's coming in hot with 2oz of tequila from Mexico, sparkling glacier mountain water, all-natural grapefruit juice, and a hint of monk fruit sweetener. boozie Tequila Grapefruit is 12 ounces of tequila.soda.magic. and contains only 130 calories, 1g of sugar, and absolutely no malt alcohols or artificial ingredients. Monk fruit is the slightly sweet ying to grapefruit's zesty yang and adds no calories or sugar. boozie Tequila Grapefruit is a gluten-free, canned classic you can feel good about enjoying...so go ahead and get your guilt-free goodcleanfun on.

$12.95Product Code: 57189 Size: 1420ML Proof: 13.2
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