Good Spirits Magazine

Issue #3

Jeffrey R. Anderson, Director of the Idaho State Liquor Division, talks about new products, great recipes and responsible behaviors.

With the renaissance of bourbons and whiskeys, including unique flavors of all kinds, my associates at your Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) have been working diligently to ensure you can enjoy the greatest selection of the finest “brown goods” in the Northwest. Of course, some of our valued suppliers have adequate inventories of excellent bourbons and whiskeys with names everyone would recognize. However, because fine whiskeys need to be aged, the resurgence in interest has meant some products may not be able to meet customer demand. When this occurs, those products are allocated to retailers throughout the world, including Idaho, meaning we are only allocated limited quantities of rare items.

The ISLD has established a transparent and unique way to make these rare products available in as fair a way as possible. When we are allocated only, say, sixty bottles for the entire state, getting the products to the consumers who truly want them can be a challenge. Fear not! Each month, we offer allocated items on either a first-come, first-served basis or through a lottery. It’s easy and simple to see what’s available. Submit your name and request by visiting

In this issue of Good Spirits, you’ll be able to explore what’s new, some background on Gem State distilleries, and great food parings at some of Idaho’s most inviting establishments. We also have an informative article on Idaho’s model of spirits distribution that explains why we regulate distilled spirits the way we do as well as why the “three-tier system” of beverage alcohol distribution works so well for consumers, wholesalers, retailers, and the public at-large.

Be safe. Enjoy Good Spirits responsibly.